Here’s why everyone should have a home warranty on their home.

Last year in July, I purchased my dream property in the Outer Banks, and in the first month that I owned it, I racked up over $1,200 worth of HVAC bills from just two calls to my home. That was a lot of money, and I hadn’t even owned the home a full month yet! It was at that time I decided to contact a home warranty representative and arranged to put a warranty on my home for just $67 a month. The warranty covers all the major systems plus many other items.

“Home warranties protect both homeowners and homebuyers.”

Around 40 days later, my water heater went out, to the tune of $900. A month or so later, the dryer stopped working. Now that I had the warranty, the company gave me the funds to put in a completely new HVAC system, and in just a year, I saved myself $7,945! When you’re buying a home, know that even though sellers aren’t paying for warranties on behalf of buyers, you as a consumer can still put one on the home and have it build on your settlement statement.

If you’re selling, it’s a good marketing tactic to put a warranty on the home to pass to the buyer. This also has the benefit of providing you some protections while negotiating your due diligence requests from the buyers.

I know a great home warranty representative who has been in the business for 20 years. If you’d like her contact information or have any further questions about home warranties, don’t hesitate to reach out to us. We’d love to help you.