Here are a few tips that will make your home stand above the competition when listing it this spring.

If you plan on listing your home this spring, there are several things you must do to help it stand above the competition and give you a better chance at selling quickly and for top dollar. 

First, on the inside of the home, do a walk-through of each room and address its overall condition. Are the doors opening and shutting properly? Are the windows in good condition? You’ll also want to change the air filters and steam-clean (or vacuum) the carpet. 

Next, seriously assess the home’s paint job. Does it look rough? Have you done too many touch-ups and can’t do any more to make it look right? If that’s the case, I know plenty of professional painters I can refer you to who’d love to help. You want nice, neutral colors when putting your home on the market. 

“Go through each room as if you’re the buyer.”

Additionally, make sure your rooms look more open and aren’t overly cluttered. In the closets, about 25% of the space should be unused and everything should look organized. Go through each room as if you’re the buyer and accent the things that made you want to buy the home in the first place. 

After you’re done with the interior, here’s a quick checklist of what to do to the exterior of the home:

  • Re-mulch your flower beds and plant some flowers with vibrant colors
  • Power wash the driveway
  • Address any wood rot or peeling paint
  • Have your roof, chimney, and HVAC unit inspected and make sure they’re in good working order

There are plenty of other things you can do to prepare your home for the spring market, so if you’d like to talk more about this subject, don’t hesitate to reach out to me. I’d love to speak with you.