Three solutions if you’re worried about where you will go after you sell.

We’re experiencing an unprecedented seller’s market. So where do you go when your home sells? Homes are selling with multiple offers far above list price, and sellers are maximizing the value they’re getting out of their homes. A lot of people want to sell but worry about where they will go afterward. 

You should always check with your lender first and see if you can qualify to buy your new home before you sell your old one. However, if that’s not possible for you, there are still several ways to sell before you buy:

1. Get a short-term rental. Many apartments will do short-term rentals, and you could also look on Airbnb. These are temporary solutions that will give you enough time to shop for the right home. Since your home has already closed, you’d also be the best type of buyer for this market.

“Don’t worry about where you’ll go after you sell; you have plenty of options.”

2. Request a rent-back agreement. I’ve seen some agents write in the multiple listing service that their seller needs to rent the property back for a certain amount of days. That could be an option for you too.

3. Stay with friends and family. Why not check with friends and family to see if they’d let you stay with them for a month or so. That can give you enough time to shop for a home.

This market is insane, so if you’d like to learn more or brainstorm some ideas to help you take advantage of it, I would love to help. Just give me a call at (919) 740-0379.