I recently had the pleasure of attending Career (Re)Visioning, a great course offered by Keller Williams that teaches how to hire people for your team. One of the topics covered was the difference between talent and non-talent, and because I know that all of us agents want to continue to grow, I thought I’d pass some great information from the course along to you.

So what’s the difference between talent and non-talent? 

  • Non-talent brings you problems—talent finds solutions.
  • Non-talent doesn’t fulfil your needs and ends up giving your job back to you—talent shares your goals and fulfills your needs as a natural byproduct of fulfilling their own.
  • Non-talent doesn’t know what they want and isn’t searching—talent knows what they want and actively seeks it out.
  • Non-talent requires pushing—talent pushes you.
  • Non-talent doesn’t know where the bar is set—talent raises the bar.
  • Non-talent repels talent—talent demands to be associated with talent.
  • Non-talent can’t back up their actions and results—talent speaks the language of action and results.

Use these points as insight into who you should be recruiting for your team. If we can ever help you with your business in any other way, feel free to give us a call. We’d love to help you.